Laura Thielen Announces She Will Run for State Senate – As a Democrat

Laura Thielen
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Laura Thielen

REPORT FROM LAURA THIELEN’S CAMPAIGN – Waimanalo resident Laura Thielen announced today that she will run for State Senate for Kailua, Hawaii Kai and Waimanalo as a Democrat.

“Voters have a legal right to choose who represents them,” Thielen said.  “A small group in a Party cannot secretly and arbitrarily veto that choice.  I am a member of the Democratic Party.  Hawaii law allows me to run for public office as a democratic candidate.”


“It’s important to give voters a real choice among candidates this year,” Thielen continued.  “The Legislature is taking unprecedented action to eliminate environmental and zoning laws and limit public accountability over large government contracts and development.  These laws have the potential to change the face of Hawaii forever.”

Thielen said she explained her reasons for seeking public office to the Party leadership before their decision to try to keep her off the ballot.

“It’s time we set aside party infighting and start talking about the election issues important to the people,” Thielen said.  “I look forward to speaking with Windward and Hawaii Kai residents about the future of our communities.”