Lawmakers Refusing to Give People Choice on Education Issue are Arrogant

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I have owned businesses in Hawaii for 25 years. I continue to be amazed and appalled by the arrogance of the majority of our lawmakers. We’ve survived a hostile business environment and a self-serving state government. Now we have to fight for the right to have a voice in how our schools are operated?

Question: Why is the majority of the legislature trying to keep the public from voicing their opinion with a vote on local school boards? What are they afraid of? Obviously the system in place for so long is broken, we pay for it, don’t block us from a voice in fixing it!


And: Stop the stupidity with trying to fire Robert Watada! Are you all so far removed from reality that you don’t see how ridiculous and self-serving this is?

Count me as upset, angry and fed-up with good old boy petty politics as usual. Didn’t we give you a wake up call by electing a governor who is trying to make a difference?

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