Leaked White House Proposal Complicates Immigration Reform Effort

President Barack Obama
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President Barack Obama answers questions during a news conference in the East Room of the White House in Washington, January 14, 2013..

By Michael Bowman – WASHINGTON — Harsh words in Washington are revealing the tough political challenge when it comes to reforming America’s immigration system. A leaked Obama administration draft bill may have disrupted delicate, closed-door negotiations between Democratic and Republican lawmakers attempting to craft comprehensive bipartisan legislation.

What will become of more than 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States?  An administration proposal leaked to a U.S. newspaper would establish a path to permanent legal residency – a gateway to eventual citizenship.


But Republican lawmakers are angry over the disclosure, accusing President Obama of preempting bipartisan efforts.

“By giving advantage to those who cut in front of the line for immigrants who come here legally, not dealing with border security adequately, that tells me he is looking for partisan advantage,” said Congressman Paul Ryan.

“Does the president want a result?  Or does he want another cudgel [weapon] to beat up Republicans?,” said Senator John McCain

In fact, Obama had already put Capitol Hill on notice.

“If Congress cannot come up with a plan in a timely fashion, I will send up mine,” Obama said.

As lawmakers’ tempers flared, White House officials scrambled to respond.

“I hope that Republicans and Democrats up there do not get involved in some kind of typical Washington back-and-forth sideshow here and rather just roll up their sleeves and get to work,” said the president’s chief of staff, Denis McDonough.

Reform proponents say America has a rare opportunity to act. “For the first time ever, there is more political risk in opposing immigration reform than in supporting it,” said  Democratic Senator Charles Schumer.

But opponents fear reform efforts will encourage more illegal immigration.  Jim Gilchrist founded a citizens’ group that patrols America’s border with Mexico.

“If we are going to grant amnesty to 15- to 30-million people who are here illegally now, we are going to be granting amnesty to 300 million who will follow them over the next several decades,” he said.

Yet analysts see an emerging consensus in Washington on immigration reform.

“There is agreement on the need for more border security.  There is agreement on the need for mandatory employment verification.  There is agreement on doing something with unauthorized immigrants and allowing them some level of legal status,” said Michelle Mittelstadt of the Migration Policy Institute.

But friction over the White House draft bill shows that change is far from assured.

“This [initiative] could blow up [fall apart] at any moment.  I think this controversy over the leaked White House proposal and the very strong reaction from Republicans is just a sign of how high the stakes are and the fact that this will remain a very complicated and contentious process,” Mittelstadt said.

Obama has advocated immigration reform since taking office.  Republicans have warmed to the initiative since last year’s presidential contest, which Mr. Obama won with strong support from Hispanic and Asian voters.






    Your hard earned taxes are being taken from you—the American people to pander to the illiterate, illegal aliens who are still coming here with the compliments of the morons in Washington. Not just across a poorly supported border, but masquerading as tourists as well? You are being forced by an out-of-touch court judicial system to disburse for all the costs of illegal aliens and their children smuggled here through a mostly poor structure called the Fence and not the previous Presidents two fences that should stretch from Brownville, Texas to the coastal edge of California. Some members purposely underfunded the real 2006 Secure Fence Act, because employers who hire illegal aliens didn’t like it. It cut their corporate profits. In other words it was too good a structure that made it more difficult for criminal illegal aliens to negotiate? A structure similar in comparison to the State of Israel towering barrier to keep murdering insurgence out. What our Congress has to do now is to pass “The Legal Workforce Act”, combined with the provision of mandatory E-Verify to oust illegal workers from the 23 million American jobs.

    Also pass the Birthright Citizenship Bill” that stops smuggled children becoming instant citizens, thus allowing the parent’s of “Foothold Babies” to live of the proceeds of the new citizen entitlements. This has become a lucrative business in the U.S., to the financial detriment of the aggrieved taxpayer. This last above mentioned law leads to in due course Family Chain Migration sponsorship and yet even more Dream Acts that is leading to huge tax hikes. When you pay Uncle Sam in April, you are not only paying for all the agencies of the government, federal, state and municipal revenues, but food stamps for illegal aliens just passed by the Liberal administrations, Medicaid and health care treatment for free, and the bulk of the money going to the children of illegal aliens education. This policy has influenced every American citizen/legal resident of any skin color, religious affiliation or politic party line for decades.

    Guest workers must be given serious consideration as long as the farming industry pays for everything, not the taxpayer. Stem tech and professional jobs must only go to the highest skilled people who will not end up on the entitlement line. I million a year of all categories is enough, but most immigrant visas should go to the talented people and all others must be dealt with severely who break our laws.

    With little or no hesitation by both political parties, except for the overall majority of the TEA PARTY we are going to see this year some form of Amnesty. This is the promise of King Obama and the Imperial Court. American citizens have no other course of action but to petition your Congressman and Senate representatives. This country is going to the dogs under administration that is denying the rights of citizens of their U.S. Constitutional rights. To petition your people in Washington for free, go to NumbersUSA

    We still have a chance to make ourselves known to that Gang of 8 politicians, as there is access to free faxes at NumbersUSA, to petition Washington. YOU CAN ALSO PHONE YOUR disreputable POLITICIANS THROUGH THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT PHONE SWITCHBOARD AT (202) 224-3121. The Immigration debates are going on now and we should demand no more Paths to Citizenship; that illegal aliens should return to their home country and go through the rigorous process that honest immigrants must take. EVERY CITIZEN HAS A RIGHT TO PETITION HIS STATE OR FEDERAL REPRESENTATIVE AND ESSENTIALLY OFFER HIS GRIEVANCES ABOUT ANYTHING, INCLUDING ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.

    Extra by Stephen Frank of 02/18/2013 of California Report of News and Views. Here you will find some of the most significant information on fraud and waste in California. In addition American Patrol also digs up the dirt, plus Judicial Watch interprets the laws being bypassed by President Obama’s Liberal thought police and what the Liberal-Democrats-Socialists Political Correctness mandatory standards.

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