Let Malulani Hospital Live!-Open Letter to Hawaii Lawmakers

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I am a healthcare executive with 25 years of Hospital and Physician managed care experience. I have worked for a large trauma center in Northern California negotiating contracts and developing partnerships with payers and providers of care for local populations. I have consulted nationally, as well as locally on Maui, and watch with great interest what is taking place on the very island where my extended family and I live.

I want you to know I very much support the proposed bills before the House and Senate and believe an additional Hospital is not only necessary, but will raise the bar in terms of the existing delivery of comprehensive, quality of care in our own backyard. Maui continues to grow and challenge the infrastructure. The knowledge that ultimately the majority of us, at some point in our lives, will become a patient or user of health services compels me to urge your support in helping the next most populated island in the State, adequately address the health care needs of its visitor/local residents.


This issue will not go away. Our country as a whole, has delivered a congressional Democratic mandate and attendant Presidential candidates stumping early are now addressing healthcare issues after a very long hiatus.

Help Maui become model for choice in delivering high quality healthcare for our families, friends and generations to come. Let Malulani live!

”’Andrea Demetras is a resident of Pukalani, Maui. Reach her via email at mailto:demetrasa001@hawaii.rr.com”’