Lethal Dose of Marijuana Questioned

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I am writing in regards to the article “Marijuana Being Packaged in Gumballs and Sold to Teens” by Jim Kouri, which I read
on your Web site. In the article, Mr Kouri states “Most experts agree
that there is enough THC in one gram of high grade marijuana to
produce a lethal overdose that could result in death if swallowed by
a toddler.” This is absolutely not true. An accurate LD50 for THC
(the accurate ingredient in marijuana) has never been established
for humans. But, in rats THC has a LD50 value of 1270 mg/kg (male
rats) and 730 mg/kg (female rats) administered orally dissolved in
sesame oil. This would mean that a 30 pound toddler would need
to consume between 10 and 18 grams of marijuana to receive a lethal
dose. In fact, several studies have concluded that the LD50 for THC
was more favorable than that found in alcohol and barbiturates.

I agree that it is unfortunate that Marijuana is being
packaged in a manner that makes it easy for it to fall into the
hands of young children. However, it is false statements like Mr.
Kouri’s that cast a pallor in the United States over a drug that is
currently being successfully used around the world to provide
medical benefit to patients with conditions like AIDS, cancer, and
glaucoma. It is “experts” like Mr Kouri that keep the real facts
from reaching the public and allowing them to make a responsible
decision when it comes to allowing the use of THC as a medicine in
the United States.


Christopher Haig, from Saugerties, NY





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