Let's Not Criminalize Drivers-The Libertarian View

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Traffic enforcement questions are not an area the Libertarian Party generally takes up. The philosophical issues of privatization of the roads and user fees etc. are more apt to be topics. However, many party members have become embroiled with the recent attacks on drivers by our city and state governments. First, there were the van-cams. Then there were the “calming” devices. Next we were presented with the Bus Rapid Transit system and train plans. Now in this legislative session there are plans to put in cameras to catch red light runners and make felons out of speeders.

Several years ago I was the only citizen in our state to go to the Legislature to testify against the van-cams. In the first sessions the only proponents were the police. Later pro-van cammers in the Legislature had rounded up some community groups to complain about speeding and ask for this silly system to be adopted. No one but Sam Slom paid the slightest attention to my very logical arguments. It was only bittersweet victory to me when four years later the project went out on the roads and the very things I had said would happen happened. It