It is like the Home Shopping Channel…but with Local Girls!

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GO LOCAL is a new show that broadcasts live on Facebook from Hawaii’s #1 Entertainment page, 808 Viral.

The hosts Kumua and Kalei Timoteo, and shows creator Daniela Tow, broadcast weekly to over 200,000 followers. The show consists of talking story, doing reviews, challenges and giveaways all centered around local made in Hawaii products which viewers can buy for a limited time at sample prices.


“We look for things that are interesting, artistic, and authentically local. We give you the full story behind the business, and the inspiration behind their products. People love to hear the stories of why someone created something,” says Tow.

The show has over 30,000 views, and thousands of likes and comments already. With people from all over the world tuning in, one of the most popular items is “Mystery Gifts” that contain an assorted selection of items that the hosts opens live after purchase.

“It is exciting to buy something and watch it be revealed in front of thousands of people. It is equally as enjoyable to watch others receive their gifts. The girls really do a great job with what they give you and how they present it. It is like Christmas and I stalk the mailman waiting for my package to arrive.” customer Lynda Briggs.

Every $100 spent with a local businesses, $45 stays in the state and goes back to our community. Timoteo and Tow hope to educate and encourage more people to consider local when buying gifts.

The show airs weekly on

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