Lingle, Djou are Better Congressional Choices

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Linda Lingle (Photo by Dave Livingston)

BY JIM LONG – I appreciate Kenneth R. Conklin’s advice on voting for the OHA candidates in the coming election.  I had been looking for background on them and immediately went to guest editorial in the Oct 19 edition of the Hawaii Reporter when I saw the headline.  I intend to vote for the OHA candidates as he suggests.

However, I take exception to his statements about Congressional Candidate Charles Djou and Former Governor Linda Lingle, specifically:  “…conservative Republicans should not hesitate to abandon those candidates. I will hold my nose and vote for Mazie Hirono for U.S. Senate, and recommend a vote for Colleen Hanabusa for U.S. House District 1.”


Oh my gosh:  Please don’t!

I dislike many of the things both of them stand for, especially Lingle’s stated position to vote for repealing the Defense of Marriage Act.

But Lingle brings one trump to the match over Hirono:  the (R) that follows her name.

And without 51 of those (R)’s, Harry Reid will continue to be King of the Senate.   He will continue to block legislation and set the rules for the Senate.  That alone is worth voting for, because I guaran – damn – tee that electing Hirono will not contribute to Reid’s loss of status.

There is also the prospect of two Supreme Court vacancies in the coming presidential term.

Even more, think of the impact that a Republican Chairman of the Senate Judicial Committee could have then.

Similarly, if there were not a majority of (R)’s in the House, Darryl Issa would not now be Chairman of the House Oversight Committee and the “Fast and Furious”  or Benghazi hearings would never have seen the light of day.

Suffice it to say, even RINO’s contribute to constituting a Republican majority which will lead to Republicans in leadership positions in the House and Senate.

Voting for Hirono may bring some short term satisfaction in demonstrating your disdain for the Republican candidates, but their defeat or victory will lead to lasting consequences.  I hope that Dr. Conklin (and the rest of your readers) will, instead, “hold their noses” and vote for Lingle and Djou.

Thanks for your work in publishing the Hawaii Reporter.  You are truly a “voice crying in the wilderness”.


Jim Long is a resident of Kaneohe, Hawaii





  1. i think they would be a disaster…not only for what they represent but for the rogue Republican Party in Washington D. C. which has blocked the programs that Obama and the Democrats have attempted. How any Hawaiian could vote to send Lingle and Djou to represent Hawaii is beyond me!!!

  2. The Defense of Marriage Act was struck down by the courts, so the statement about DOMA is moot isn't it? And didn't Lingle veto Hawaii's civil union law when she was governor? Once again, two different Lindas.

    I keep answering her when she says "You know me" on her current TV ads. Yes, we do.

    I don't support Mr Djou, but I do respect him. He's usually honest about his positions (even if I do not agree with them), though I have seen ads during the current political season that he would work with the other party to get things done. That kind of goes against his principles that he's stood by previously of never voting for any type of tax increase, doesn't it? So I'm not sure how to reconcile his new campaign statements.

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