Lingle Faces the Burns Dilemma

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BY LEON SIU – I’m glad the Hawaii press pointed out that Gov. Lingle’s current quandary over HB444 is similar to Gov. Burn’s quandary with regard to the infamous abortion act of 1972. So why doesn’t Gov. Lingle use a little hindsight and see how the Burns decision turned out?

The Burns decision (which he supposedly made contrary to his deeply held religious and moral beliefs) was made 38 years ago. Let’s examine the outcome…


Hawaii’s legalization of abortion has caused in Hawaii an average of about 5,000 (on the low side) fetal deaths a year, or 190,000 babies over the span of 38 years. At about $400 each, the abortion “providers” made a tidy killing of $76,000,000 from killing babies. That’s only in Hawaii.

Remember that Hawaii triggered the avalanche. The next year Roe v Wade rolled over the entire nation. Over 50,000,000 babies’ lives “legally” ended in the American abortion holocaust. Of course the abortion “option” was exported to the rest of the world as the “responsible” thing to do. If fifty million died in America alone, how many millions more were killed in their mother’s wombs in Europe, Africa, South America, Australia, Asia and throughout Oceania? Should we venture to say at least another 200 million?

Then there are the immeasurable residual effects in emotional, relational and familial turmoil, wreaking collateral damage throughout society. In America, approximately 1/3 of all pregnancies ended in abortion. What kind of effect is that having on the psyche of the mothers and fathers, grandparents and the community in which such tragic deaths occurred so routinely and went un-noticed and un-mourned? With such a seared collective consciousness is it any wonder that depravity and violence continues to increase.

Not only did we kill of one-third of two generations of our children, the remaining two thirds (many now adults) who escaped the carnage in the womb were thrown into a hedonistic society with drugs, alcohol, broken families, sexual immorality and wanton violence. Like those who escaped progroms, holocausts and killing fields, two generations of America’s children bear deep ‘survivor syndrome’ scars and aberrations. How well do we expect them to function under these conditions let alone lead and improve our society?

These are just some of the unintended consequences of the legalization of abortion. This is the legacy of the decision made by Governor Burns in 1972. If she allows it to becomes law, HB 444 will have as devastating an effect. And this will be the legacy of Governor Lingle.