Lingle is Shattering Stereotypes – In Another Way

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In response to Ted H. S. Hong’s article: “State of the State Speech Shows Why Lingle Should Be Re-elected as Governor”

Linda Lingle’s speech only proves her ability as a gifted
toastmaster. Most of her speech was rhetoric at it’s best,
especially education. She promotes education spending as a priority
but has proven over the last three years that this is not so. She
has painted a rosey picture of wanting to improve the backlog of
school repairs, but has witheld millions of these Legislature
appropriated funds. When her administration does release funds, it
immediately asks publicly why the Department of Education hasn’t spent the monies yet?


She touts leading our state to financial success, at the cost to the
average state worker. I would like to point out that the surplus was
at the expense of (HGEA) state workers receiving less than adequate
wage increases. However the Lingle administration gave the UPW, HSTA
and UHPA substantial wage increases.

In my opinion, Gov. Lingle is, as [Ted Hong] pointed out, shattering stereotypes. She is (politically) the same wolf of a different color.

”’Ross Komenaka is a resident of Hilo, Hawaii, and works for the state Department of Education on the Big Island of Hawaii. He can be reached via email at”’ mailto:Ross_Komenaka/ISTS/

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