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BY SAM SLOM – Live Every Second. We can learn a great deal of life’s lessons from football, including last Saturday’s “Iron Bowl” between rivals Alabama and Auburn at Auburn. Fantastic game with #1 Alabama struggling, and headed for overtime, when a play that seemed to run out the clock was challenged for one (1) second remaining, which took nearly 5 minutes to review. But that 1 second was put back on the clock, and Alabama elected to go for a 57-yard winning field goal with that 1 second.

The ABC/ESPN announcer was spot on when he said, it might allow a run back. As we all watched, the kick was wide and short, and allowed the Auburn kick returner to grab it nearly 9 yards deep in the end zone and to the disbelief of everyone, run it out for a 100-yard touchdown and an incredible Auburn upset victory. Auburn made the very most of that 1 second. Alabama did not prepare adequately for that impossible run (but they could/should have). The game was a reminder that every second of life is valuable and precious. We can’t take it for granted; not even 1 second. This is an important lesson in business, politics, medical emergencies and sports. It was also recalled that, “Destiny wins over Dynasty.” Saturday’s game was more than just a football game.


UH Wins! The University of Hawaii’s Rainbow Warriors football team, wearing their old, retro jerseys, and 0-11 for 2013, beat Army on Saturday, 49-42, in the final game of the season. The victory was bitter sweet. Washington state native, running back walk-on, Willes Wilson, tragically drowned earlier Saturday morning at Sandy’s Beach. The stunned team acknowledged Willes prior to the game and dedicated it to him. They never played better.

Amazon Gets It Done. Did you see the interview on “60 Minutes” Sunday about amazing and founder/CEO Jeff Bezos? His story is quite an eye opener. This business and innovative leader continues to improve delivery and expand products (including groceries, fashion and computer servers) and even debuted the future use of drones for home delivery. The United States Post Office should take note, but their union would never allow this creativity. I have invited Bezos to address an SBH business function. Ironically, Amazon doesn’t give out his email and tells you to snail mail correspondence to a Post Office box in Seattle. Why can’t we send a drone his way, special delivery?

Hunger Games II. “Catching Fire,” the 2nd in a Hunger Games movie trilogy, is setting box office records. Most people say they like this movie better than the original. What do you think? Big winner is Kauai, where a major part of the movie was filmed and is clearly identified. Many local jobs. No baboons (shown on Kauai) were hurt in the filming of this movie. Baboons on Kauai? However, the finance/tax credit for the movie recognizes the State of Georgia, but the Kauai crew gets a plug too in the ending credits.

Not Pono. After considerable criticism from parents about the sex education program, Pono Choices, developed at UH and used in 30 schools in Hawaii so far, the DOE announced it was putting the $1 million program on hold for further investigation. As discussed during the recent same sex marriage debate at the Capitol, Pono is a “how to do it” guide that features homosexual sex practices aimed at 11 to 13 year olds. Yes, 11 year olds. Our kids can’t read or write at grade level and they don’t know geography, but they are being schooled in alternate sexual practices.

Black Thursday, Friday, Saturday. The recent shopping frenzy in stores and on line produced more shoppers, but fewer shopping dollars, according to agencies who track those sales. The holiday period keeps stretching the time for you to spend your money.

Obamacare Nightmare. The nightmare that is Obamacare, our President’s chosen legacy, is destroying health care coverage everywhere including Hawaii. And we had a good system, maybe the best, previously. Forget about the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on the failed website exchanges; it is the Obamacare, not the website, that is doing families in. Even with the latest small business delay, consumers are learning their previous health care plans have vanished, along with many doctors. Ironically, the Obama “affordable care” act is doing just the opposite and making health care even less affordable with more government overhead.

The local Obamacare exchange is also under fire. Hawaii Reporter details the League of Women Voters’ allegations that the Hawaii Health Connector is violating federal law. See the story here>

Wonder why goods cost so much in Hawaii? Hawaii Reporter has an excellent expose’ this week on shipping costs and how they are impacted by the 1920s federal law, the Jones Act. From the report: “Moving a container here from Los Angeles costs nearly 10 times more than moving that same container from Los Angeles to Shanghai, some three times farther. The Freight of All Kinds rate to ship a 40-foot container from Los Angeles to Shanghai is $790. Matson Navigation Co., Hawaii’s largest carrier, charges $8,700 to ship that same container from Los Angeles to Honolulu. Shipping that container from Hong Kong to Los Angeles is $1,986; from Shanghai, to Los Angeles, $1,885. 

And that cost for shipping to and from Hawaii from the west coast is set to rise again. Matson announced Monday shipping rates will increase January 5, 2014, by 5.5 percent for the route from the West Coast and Hawaii, amounting to $175 per container to Hawaii and $85 per container returning to the mainland. Terminal handling fees will also increase between $25 and $50.” See the full story here>

Visitor Arrivals Down. The Hawaii Tourism Authority reported lower visitor arrival figures for Hawaii for November, the second straight monthly decline. December is usually a strong month. It better be, because the visitor industry is the only thing propping up Hawaii’s troubled economy.

SBH 38th Conference. Save the date: Wednesday, February 19, 2014, 9 am – 2 pm, for the 38th Annual SBH Business & Investment Conference at the Ala Moana Hotel. A great line up of exciting and informative speakers and issue topics (agenda to be published soon), networking, business exhibits and more. Sponsorship and booth exhibit opportunities still available. Contact Malia (306-3161) or Susan (396-1724) for details.

No December SBH Sunrise but January is on. There is no monthly SBH SUNRISE Networking Breakfast forum in December. SUNRISE returns Thursday, January 30, 2014 in the Ala Moana Macy’s Pineapple Room with national radio talk show host and author, Michael Medved. To reserve your seat, call 396-1724.

Lincoln Back in February. After two years stuck in April, the Hawaii GOP announced the Lincoln Day 2014 dinner will be held close to Abe’s birthday, on February 20, at the Ko’olau Ballrooms in Kaneohe. Speakers to be announced. Honest Abe is happy again.

Shopping Centers for Sale: Hawaii News Now reports Kamehameha Schools will sell the buildings at the Hawaii Kai Towne Center (where SBH is located) and Windward Mall in Kaneohe, but will keep ownership of the land. See the full story here>

UH Historic Costume Collection Launch. The Fashion Design and Merchandising program in the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa is exploring an exciting and innovative non-traditional method of obtaining much-needed funding for its Historic Costume Collection: crowdsourcing, a grassroots fundraising effort where groups set up “campaigns” to raise money on websites such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

Free Tickets for “Lone Survivor”. Tanya Leverault of Universal Pictures will screening the new war film based on The New York Times bestselling true story LONE SURVIVOR (Trailer is here> )starring Mark WahlbergEmile Hirsch and Taylor Kitsch at the Regal Dole Cannery on 12/10 at 7:30 PM. That’s Lone Survivor, not “Lone Ranger in the Hawaii Senate” – that’s me. For complimentary tickets, contact Tanya at 818-777-1409 or

Expanded Credit Union Membership. Hawaii State Federal Credit Union will expand its market area to include select employee groups such as business associations and non-profits. The membership expansion went into effect June 1. The charter change will allow Hawaii State FCU to serve members beyond just State and City & County employees.

New Barge Arriving. Sause Bros. will celebrate the arrival of its new barge Columbia at Pier 20 in Kalaeloa Harbor on December 12 with nearly 300 invited guests, including corporate officials, industry professionals and local dignitaries. The vessel will receive a Hawaiian blessing and attendees will be treated to hula performances and a retrospective highlighting the shipping company’s growth since it’s founding in the mid-1930s.

Zogby: Americans Believe Another Government Shutdown Coming. Nearly two-thirds (65%) of Americans say another government shutdown in the months ahead is likely as Congress continues to debate deficit and budget issues. This sentiment is shared across party affiliations: Democrats (66%), Republicans (65%) and Independents (65%). There is also consensus across party lines that government dysfunction has consequences. A majority of Americans (57%) say the shutdown in October caused significant harm to many government-funded programs including medical research, defense and education. Democrats (68%) and about half of Republicans (49%) and Independents (51%) agree.

Nominate a Business. The Small Business Administration Hawaii District Office and Hawaii Business magazine join forces again in 2014 to present the state’s largest awards recognition program celebrating the best in small business:

The SBA Awards and SmallBiz Editor’s Choice Awards.

Nominations are now open for the prestigious SBA Small Business Awards for 2014. The SBA awards are one of the most competitive, comprehensive and visible awards presented to small businesses in the state.

See below for award categories. Nominations can be submitted for multiple categories.

SBA Categories

Small Business Person of the Year

Entrepreneurial Success Award

Family-Owned Business of the Year

Small Business Exporter

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Minority Small Business Champion

Women in Business Champion

Veteran Small Business Champion

Financial Services Champion

Home-Based Business Champion

SmallBiz Editor’s Choice

Long-term Achievement

Woman-Owned Business

Green Business

Innovative Business
Best New Business
(in business for less than five years)

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