London Terror Plot Foiled: Lessons for Congress

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British authorities arrested or are seeking almost two dozen suspected terrorists in conjunction with a plot to bomb simultaneously multiple transatlantic flights to U.S. cities. There are lessons to be learned from thwarting these attacks. There is little in what we know so far to argue for doing anything other than sticking to the strategy we have for fighting and winning the long war. There are, however, congressional initiatives that can make the American way of fighting the war on terror better.

”The Facts”


Here is what we know:

This was a serious terror-ring-professional, well-organized, and determined, intent on reaping disaster on the scale of 9/11.

The good guys were not caught unaware. U.S. and British agencies had been investigating this plot for months. The White House knew of the plan. U.S., British, and other foreign agencies shared information and connected the dots.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) had prepared for and understood the intended means of attack





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