Longtime West Oahu Legislative Aide Tom Berg to Run for Vacant Council Seat

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HONOLULU, HAWAII – Tom Berg, longtime legislative aide at the State Capitol, has announced his candidacy and the launch of his campaign for the City Council seat vacated by Todd Apo.  Citing his experience of eleven years working in the offices of West Oahu legislators, including State Rep. Kymberly Pine, State Rep. Rida Cabanilla, and State Senator Willie Espero, Berg filed papers with the City Clerk’s office to be on the ballot for the special election to repre sent communities from Ewa to Waianae through their District 1 seat on the City Council in the remaining two years of Apo’s term.

“Working for eleven years as a full-time aide to legislators representing West Oahu exclusively, I’m deeply involved in issues affecting the City and State every single day.  If elected by voters in December and seated on the Council in January, I’m already up to speed on the challenges we face and the needs of residents in the now-unrepresented council district.  I’m already on the job helping the people of Ewa, Kapolei and the Waianae Coast at the State Capitol.  Effective today, I’m ready to move over to Honolulu Hale to serve for the next two years.”


More from Berg:  “My involvement working for elected officials on the Ewa Plain for the last eleven years for the benefit of West Oahu is well documented. Those that know me can agree it’s all about finding that win-win solution on every thing that challenges us. If the voters want that 24/7 coverage of resolving problems that I carried out for others in the State arena extended to the council seat for the city, they know that committing their support to my run is about them, our community, and team play.”

Area residents have begun lining up behind Berg to offer their support:

“When it comes to actually knowing the issues and the ‘who what where when how and why’ of what needs to be done, Tom is that source.  He’s that ‘go to guy’ that gets it resolved so we can tackle the next problem.” – John Bond, Ewa resident

“Tom Berg is the person I turn to for solutions at the State Capitol.  I want him to be my next Councilman.” – Marissa Capelouto, Kapolei businesswoman

“Of all the candidates, Tom is the most ready to tackle the job and the one I trust to represent us at City Hall.” — Bud Ebel, Waianae retiree

Submitted by the Berg campaign

A special election will be held next month by mail-in ballot and early walk-in voting only. The winner of this election will represent our neighborhoods on the Council full-time for at least the next two years.

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