Magical Fire Worms Surf Under Full Moon in Hanalei Bay

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Fire worms in Hanalei Bay

BY TERRY LILLY – While you are sleeping tonight something amazing is happening in Hanalei Bay!! Do you know that the bay does not sleep like we do.

Since us humans do not surf at night we may think the bay has no surfers! But the bay is alive tonight with surfers of a different kind. They are called fire worms. They surf like we do but they surf under the waves. They are out right now in full force.


The line up is crowded! Don’t drop on me bruddah.

Thousands of them are out right now riding every wave. You should see it. They are a foot long and have hundreds of legs.

They wiggle with brilliant red, yellow and white colors. They dance under the waves just like we dance on top of the waves.

They do not know who humans are. They do not have surf contest but the largest fireworms ride the biggest waves tonight.

One only need to look at the “other world”. The ones that surf at Hanalei at night! They have surfed Hanalei for thousands of years at night on a full moon.

They have the right to surf the waves just like we do. Someday I hope everyone can see a firworm surf Hanalei at night. It is magical.


Terry Lilley is with The Hanalei River heritage Foundation in Hanalei, Kauai





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