Majority Party Overrides of Governor’s Vetoes Not in Best Interest of the Hawaii

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”’Editor’s Note: Democrats in the Hawaii State Legislature held a special session Tuesday, July 12, 2005, to override 12 of the 28 vetoes made by Gov. Linda Lingle this session. The state constitution requires that two-thirds of each House vote to override the governor’s vetoes — Democrats control both Houses with 20 of 25 seats in the state Senate and 41 of 51 seats in the state House. Here is a response from the governor’s senior policy advisor on the action the Democrats took. For a full list of veto messages by the governor, see”’

The Democrat-controlled State Legislature voted today to ignore the State Constitution. They also voted to jeopardize the confidentiality of taxpayer information, and took actions that will cost the state millions of dollars, hamstring efforts to fight waste and fraud, and thwart efforts to improve our failing workers compensation system. They did this by overriding Gov. Linda Lingle