Man Accused Of Sexual Misconduct on Airplane

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A 30-year old man has been arrested by the FBI for allegedly fondling a female passenger during a Delta Airlines flight to Honolulu from Los Angeles.

Benjamin David Beyer, of Winnebago Ill., was charged with “unwanted sexual contact” in a criminal complaint filed in federal court.


The alleged offense occurred Jan. 11.

A woman seated next to Beyer complained to flight attendants that Beyer touched her thigh twice and told her he wanted to “cuddle.”

Beyer also allegedly offered her a pill to help her sleep and said he had smuggled beer aboard the plane inside a water bottle.

Beyer was initially questioned by authorities when the flight landed but was allowed to continue travelling to Hilo.

He was detained in Pahoa on the Big Island yesterday and returned to Honolulu to answer the criminal charge.