Manoa Watershed Project Underway

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Honolulu, HI, January 23, 2007–A partnership of City, State, and Federal agencies has begun the planning phase of the Manoa Watershed Flood Control Project to address the causes of flooding between Manoa District Park and the University of Hawaii that occurred on October 30, 2004.

The Manoa Watershed project will evaluate a full range of alternatives to reduce future flood damage in the area between the District Park and the UH. Some of the measures that will be considered include reducing the peak flood discharge, increasing the flood carrying capacity of the channels and bridges, reducing bridge and channel blockage by debris, erecting floodwalls around buildings in the floodplain, and establishing an organization, such as a drainage district, with the capability to oversee and maintain the streams and waterways in Manoa Valley. All stakeholders will be given the opportunity to provide input, and review various proposals as the project planning progresses.


The planning phase is targeted to be completed by the end of 2008 with the publication of an implementation plan and Final Environmental Impact Statement. Design and installation of the project measures is expected to follow thereafter.

The Manoa Watershed project is led by the federal U.S. Department of Agriculture