Marijuana Being Packaged in Gumballs and Sold to Teens

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High-grade marijuana is being packaged in gumballs and sold to high school students, according to Maryland State Police officials. These gumballs, known as “Greenades,” contain enough THC to be fatal to smaller children. THC is the active chemical in marijuana that causes the user to become “high.”

Two bright yellow gumballs with smiley faces were seized from two high school students by police at the Howard County High School in Maryland. A police officer assigned to the high school witnessed the gumballs being purchased by the students while passing between classes.


The gumballs were sent to the Maryland State Police’s Forensic Sciences Division Laboratory in Pikesville, Maryland, and they determined there was approximately one gram of high-grade marijuana packed inside each gumball. The gumballs came wrapped in colorful tin foil labeled as “Greenades” with a marijuana leaf on the wrapper and detailed instructions for use.

With this discovery, concern over Greenades is growing among parents in the area, not only for the teenagers in the local student body but also over what happens when these drug-using students bring these gumballs home and their younger brothers or sisters get a hold of them, or worse yet, curious toddlers encounter them.

Most experts agree that there is enough THC in one gram of high grade marijuana to produce a lethal overdose that could result in death if swallowed by a toddler.

J.T. Daily, Director of Drug Education for Narconon Arrowhead, one of the country