Maui Residents Forced to Seek Treatment on Oahu Because of Aging Hospital on Maui

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On behalf of all those making the effort to get approval for a new
hospital on Maui, I would like to briefly share my recent medical
experience on Maui.

While on vacation in Scotland with my mother I
experienced shortness of breath and pains in the middle of my back.
Having had no heart problems in the past, I was a bit concerned. Upon
my return I contacted my doctor, Jane Kocivar whereupon an examination,
she scheduled an Upper GI at Maui Memorial X-Ray.


The tests revealed a very large paraesophgeal hernia and I was informed
by the Radiologist that this was a really large one and dangerous if
left untreated. Dr. Jane Kocivar had already made an appointment for
me to see Dr. Camilo Rosales, my wonderful surgeon on Maui the following
Monday. However, the Friday after my upper GI study, I ended up in
the ER aat Maui Memorial, the ER doctor ordered a CAT scan, and confirmed
that more than 80 percent of my stomach was in my chest. I was sent home with
medication to calm my stomach down.

Monday, I had my appointment with Dr. Rosales, where he informed me that
he had trained to do the procedure necessary to correct my surgical
situation, but that Maui Memorial did not have the equipment necessary
for him to perform the surgery here.

He had already made an
appointment for me with Dr. Bradley Wong, of University Surgeons on
Oahu, who would be performing my surgery at Queens Hospital. Dr. Wong
and Dr. Rosales are both trained in this procedure, and in the eight
years that Dr. Wong has been doing it, he has done over 400 procedures,
Dr. Rosales has done none, because Maui Memorial Hospital has refused to
get the necessary equipment, even though he has repeated requested it.

At this time Dr. Rosales who has been on Maui for 18 years, informed me
he was leaving Maui to work at a private hospital on the mainland, due
to repeated frustration over lack of new equipment at Maui Memorial.

I then flew back with my husband for surgery and had stay in Oahu for
five (5) days. I had to fly a friend over to accompany me back to Maui
as well.

As a direct result of Maui Memorial’s lack of surgical
equipment for this procedure, we had to pay for (5) round-trip ticket to
Oahu, and room accommodations over there, resulting in an unnecessary
expense had Maui Memorial been better equipped.

I also had to fly over for surgical follow-up and next week am going in
again to remove some interior stitches. This will require us to incur
two (2) more round trip tickets to Oahu, rental car and 3-night
accommodations near the Queens hospital. We can’t help but wonder what
would have happened to me if I could not afford to fly to Oahu and
stay? Or in the alternative if my condition worsened requiring
emergency surgery.

I am sure my story is only one of many only to further indicate the need
for a new modern updated hospital on Maui. Both my husband and myself
fully support all the efforts to provide Maui with a new
modern hospital, so residents like myself don’t have to leave home and
family to have surgery off-island.

”’Patti and Lee Gardner are residents of Maui. Reach them via email at”’