Maui's Population Getting Maxed Out?

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Sometimes I feel like Maui is like a lifeboat with a limited capacity, and yet the captain continues to pick up struggling swimmers until the boat begins to sink.

What is the maximum capacity for Maui on every front? That is the key question.


How many cars can Honoapi’ilani highway accomodate? According
to the state Department of Transportation, 30,000 cars is the limit, so we are already maxed out.

How much sewage can West
Maui wastewater treatment plant handle? Smells like its maxed out to

How many people can Emergency Medical Services help at one time? The entire West side
has only two medics assigned to the district.

There are only two
holding cells at the Lahaina police station.

The island’s schools are
at maximum capacity.

What is the capacity of time share owners this
island can handle?

What is the maximum capacity of tour boats Honolua
Bay can handle?

My point is that we are on an island in the middle of the sea. This
island is only so big and there must be limits to growth.

There is a
limited carrying capacity that our island can support and we must be
proactive and plan what we choose to develop.

Don’t wait until the
maximum capacity has been exceeded and we all start to go down. Be

Plan to meet our infrastructure needs first, then we can
plan for smart growth in the areas that we choose. The first step is
to get out there and vote for politicians who know and fight for our
needs and wants.

Next get involved in your local community and be the
change you wish to see, like I have—check us out at

”’Wayno Cochran is a resident of Honolua Bay, Maui.”’