Mayor Carlisle in Washington to Support Rail Transit

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Mayor Peter Carlisle and other Honolulu officials will travel to Washington DC today to express their strong and unified support for the City’s rail transit project.

“We are firmly committed to making this project the best that it can be,” Carlisle said.


Carlisle, City Council Chairman Todd Apo, Councilmember Ikaika Anderson and Deputy Transportation Director Toru Hamayasu will meet Friday with Federal Transit Administrator Peter Rogoff.

The Federal Transit Administration expects to provide at least $1.55 billion for the project in total, and President Barack Obama included $55 million for it in the 2011 federal budget.

City Managing Director Douglas Chin will serve as Acting Mayor during Carlisle’s absence. Carlisle will remain in contact with his office and staff during the trip. He will return to Honolulu on Saturday.

For more information, contact Jim Fulton, Mayor’s Office, 768-6928





  1. Why not ‘stay with in budge?’ $5.5 billion is a lot for a Rail that will not touch Nanakuli, Ko Olina, Heart of Kapolei, Ewa, West Loch. ‘Cut Costs Combine:’

    OR&L line + LIGHT RAIL + Bike Plan = 1/5 of $5.5 Billion

    If we use existing resouces we can keep RAIL below $20 million/mile. Check my website:

    Thank you.

    John Roco

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