Media Ignoring Second Hawaii GOP Gubernatorial Candidate

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It appears many of the local newspapers and television media don’t want to discuss or acknowledge any other extremely viable local candidates running against Democrats Neil Ambercrombie and current Mayor Mufi in a run for Governor.

The candidates running for Governor in Hawaii are John and Duke. I’m not referring to John Wayne or Duke Kahanamoku who played in the 1948 Polynesian film “The Wake of the Red Witch”, I’m talking about the 2010 Hawaii Republican Governor candidates John Carroll and Duke Aiona.


John Carroll has fought for kamaaina residents when he recently brought forward a lawsuit against the governmental shipping stranglehold to end the corrupt Jones Act regulations against struggling local families. Reduced government regulation at Hawaii ports and increased competition spurring lower prices for all products we buy in the State will be gained by the elimination of the Jones Act on Hawaii shipping port regulations.

The State of Hawaii must become exempt from this toxic price-gouging on all our goods and product importation to allow for a modern-day port expansion providing for a more open shipping status to encourage an affordable and competitive local marketplace.

Carroll intends to have Hawaii residents keep more of the money that we make by implementing lower taxes with a much less bloated government, and as we see today, and we just can’t continue the uncontrolled over-spending during the fragile local economic conditions that will only continue to persist.

John Carroll supports the recognition of the Hawaiian Kingdom rights and he also supports the fight for the fee simple land rights that they deserve, but the current Ambercrombie version of the Akaka bill has some major constitutional and racial separation issues that have yet to be addressed by residents or politicians in a transparent and open public debate forum in Hawaii.

Mr. Carroll knows the Hawaii DOE system well, as he was a public school teacher for our keiki. John knows the Hawaii tourism and aviation industry because he was a seasoned pilot on Hawaiian Air for decades and previously served our country well in the Armed Forces.

As an attorney, he understands the rule of law and our constitutional rights. Let’s give John Carroll another look for Hawaii Governor.

In the vintage “Red Witch” classic, John Wayne fights and eliminates a giant sea octopus and discovers the lost sunken vessel to retrieve the buried gold pirate treasure.

In the modern day, along with the greedy pirates from the old-boy network that John Carroll must fight off in his run for Hawaii Governor, the far-left-wing liberal octopus tentacles will continue reaching deeper into our pockets.

Our so-called “trusted” political leaders must stop taking and taxing more of the treasure we earn working hard to survive on an isolated island. Let’s elect John Carroll as the next Hawaii Governor!

Cory Kot, who wrote this guest editorial, is a resident of Honolulu, Hawaii