Message to Star-Advertiser: Truth is Never a ‘Disservice’

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BY GEORGE BERISH – Regarding the March 18, 2012, editorial in the Star-Advertiser, entitled Cayetano’s rail tactics a disservice

I believe the Star-Advertiser, not former Gov. Benjamin Cayetano, serves us poorly on Rail.   He presented uncontested documents – not tactics — showing Rail was birthed in a frenzy of “Rail at any cost” propaganda based on unprofessionally, and I believe dishonestly, prepared, “planning”.


So the Star’s “oh yeah but he hasn’t caught them admitting it recently …” rebuttal doesn’t work for me.  Hawaii knows Gov. Cayetano says what he means no matter what, whereas too often it seems the Star is aligned with the interests of the ruling big money/big government class.

Just look Rail’s team: Rail’s birthmother 1/ (Gov. Lingle) who hoped Rail money would flow sooner to support her “Vibrant and Expanding” economy illusion.  Mayor Hannemann made into Rails mercenary by the lure of so much money to distribute to friends.  Mayor Carlisle seduced by the money to be Rail’s adoptive Father now that its birthmother has abandoned her child.  And the “poor” investors bullied into investing in areas at a huge loss — unless taxpayers build and subsidize a Rail system for them.

Nope. I know if Gov. Cayetano had 100th the taxpayer dollars spent by Rail’s promoters to produce propaganda and buy “experts”, he’d uncover far worse facts than he’s uncovered so far.

Nice try, but no sale.

George L. Berish is a Hawaii resident with The American Political Party