Mobile Gamer Guys Roll Out the Fun for the Holidays

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Mobile Gamer Guys

Want a different kind of video game experience for the whole family? Call Mobile Gamer Guys, Honolulu’s self-contained mobile video game arcade, for your holiday event or party and get ready to rock the bus!

Founded in 2008 by local boys Kalani Miller and Shawn Haruno, Mobile Gamer Guys operate two shuttle buses, decked out with state-of-the-art gaming equipment: Eight Xbox 360’s and a Nintendo Wii system. Inside are eight 24″ TV screens, and outside is a Nintendo Wii setup with a 42-inch TV screen to play your favorite Wii games with a group of friends.


Customers can book one or both of the buses for everything from short events (two hours minimum) to all-day parties, festivals and get-togethers. Choose from a great selection of games, from the newest titles like “Halo 4,” “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” and “Just Dance 4” to sports games, racing games, music games and even classics like “Pac-Man.”

The two buses are connected by a local area network (LAN), which, together with the Xbox System Link feature, enables a unique network that allows gamers in each of the buses to play against each other. It’s especially useful for multi-player game tournaments that can now be held anywhere the buses go.

“I get my fulfillment by watching people play video games and having a great time, and I get paid to play video games,” said owner Kalani Miller. “I go to parties and try to get everybody to participate. Grandmas, grandpas, uncles, aunties… games aren’t just for kids. Video games can be for everybody, because everybody can be young at heart. ”

Mobile Gamer Guys are also actively involved in charity. They have worked with the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Hawaii Food Bank, American Lung Association, March of Dimes, Cops on Top, Special Olympics and other causes, doing fundraising and lending their buses to events thrown by local nonprofits.

In the New Year, Mobile Gamer guys will be expanding their community involvement by participating in Discover Kakaako, Ward Centers’ monthly festival, which showcases the Kakaako district’s food, music, fashion and fun every second Saturday.
Mobile Gamer Guys will be celebrating their fifth anniversary in March 2013.

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