Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire: Local Experts Share Strategies in New Book

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BY BILLIE K. TAKAKI LUEDER —In today’s world women are under intense pressure to be all things to all people – have a successful career, be an amazing wife plus be super mom all while managing every aspect of the household.

Cindy Sakai and Sarah Kalicki-Nakamura, co-owners of TH!NK, LCC, a local training and development company, are two local examples of women who have been able to manage all these expectations and are now sharing their experiences with moms across the nation in a book that has just been entitled, Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire.


“We are thrilled to be able to share our best practices of owning a successful business while balancing motherhood,” said Sakai. “Sarah and I are living our dream and we wanted the opportunity to tell our story in a way that other women would relate to and be inspired by.”

In the book Kalicki-Nakamura’s chapter focuses on Growing Your Business While Growing Your Family as she shares her experiences of starting a new business as a mother of two young boys. Sakai’s chapter entitled, From Business Suit to Bathing Suit, gives practical tips on how to master business travel with family and kids.

“It was a great exercise to document what has worked for us through trial and error which has now allowed us the opportunity to impart our wisdom with other mom entrepreneur’s,” Kalicki-Nakamura explained.

Cindy and Sarah are organizing a special book club series called Super Mom Breakfast Club in which participants will have discussions about the various chapter topics and participate in a guided conversation while sharing their personal experiences. The breakfast club will gather at Mocha Java Café at the Ward Center for six (6) consecutive Fridays beginning on Friday, April 8 from 9:00am to 11:00am.

The book is available on their web-site at

Published by THRIVE Publishing, the 21 co-authors of Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire are mothers as well as leading experts in their respective specialty areas who share insightful tips that can be easily incorporated into the daily life of a busy mom to best balance career and home life achieving win-win results.