Monkey News: GMO protestors claim to have uncovered odd Sturgeon/Papaya mutant

This photo purports to show a genetic mutant Sturgeon/Papaya hybrid gone horribly wrong.
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A GMO protestor group has held a press conference to reveal photos and information they say proves that certain GMO companies on Kauai are working on new hybrid papayas that also produce caviar.  The group displayed photos they say were taken in an experimental field that purports to show one of the failed attempts to create such a product.  The photo appears to be a combination of Sturgeon and Papaya DNA that misfired and produced a hideous papaya tree with several large Sturgeons clustered at the top among the fruit.

“This thing is just another abomination to nature, and proof that these GMO companies are attempting to play God.” said a spokeswoman for Babes Against Biotech.  “We are calling for bills to label, outlaw and punish by death any use of so-called science in the production of food,” continued the partially clad “Babe.”


Stirred up by the recent “Mana March” on Kauai, anti-GMO groups are making new accusations on almost a daily basis.  One man associated with anti-GMO activities said he was driving near a corporate agricultural operation when he was forcefully abducted from his car and dipped into a tank of Agent Orange by laughing workers.

This photo purports to show a genetic mutant Sturgeon/Papaya hybrid gone horribly wrong.

Asked to respond, a representative of the GMO company said simply, “I saw the photos and they are obviously Photoshopped. There is no such thing as a Sturgeon/Papaya caviar program.” “These people are a little whacky,” added the company official.  He recounted how several young naked women with machetes were spotted near one of the larger papaya fields.  He said police were called, but the women escaped leaving behind a couple of machetes, a sign that read: NO TO MONSTER GMO FISH TREES!, and a handful of Gary Hooser brochures.

It is claimed that the goal of the GMO companies was a papaya that also produced high-grade caviar.





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