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”J.S. Services Inc., The Employee Leasing Professionals”


J.S. Services Inc., Hawaii’s Employee Leasing Professionals, enables companies to lease their employees rather than employ them directly — a service that has numerous benefits for business owners and managers.

The leasing process allows the principals of any given company to concentrate on expanding and enhancing their business, services and products, rather than being distracted by government filing requirements and managing payroll and employee benefits.

For example, J.S. Services pays all TDI Insurance and Workers’ Compensation Insurance, FICA Taxes, withholds State and Federal taxes and SUTA and FUTA Assessments, and files all required State and Federal Employee related reports. The company also provides year-end W-2 Forms and direct deposit of paychecks.

(Note: has been a client of J.S. Services for the last year, which has allowed the principals of the company to focus on reporting the news, building the subscriber base, providing better systems and services, and expanding the company).

One of the most popular benefits is the group medical coverage because J.S. Services has the ability to negotiate better rates through its group plan. Business owners in Hawaii have to pay medical care costs for employees who work more than 19 hours per week, a mandate on business owners since 1974 when the Hawaii’s Prepaid Health Care Act was passed by the state Legislature. However, many small business owners decline covering themselves in order to pay for their employees and their employees’ families coverage, while other small business owners cannot get affordable group coverage because their company is too small and the three remaining medical providers refuse to offer them comparable benefits.

J.S. Services President Jack Schneider says his leasing service gives employers freedom from government payments, forms and reports; reduction in bookkeeping and accounting costs; more capital conserved by not having to prepay required insurance coverage; and increased control over actual labor costs.

“We give employers more time to do what they do best –