More National Attention on Our Campaign

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I am excited to share with you great news about our Congressional campaign. Yesterday, respected political commentator Charlie Cook reclassified our race indicating that our campaign is one of the most competitive congressional campaigns in the nation.

When we first started the campaign, this congressional seat was categorized as a “Safe Democrat” seat. With your help, it was reclassified as a “Likely Democrat” seat late last year. Yesterday, our race was reclassified again to a “Lean Democrat” congressional seat.


Of the 435 congressional races in the U.S., under Cook’s political rating system, our Congressional campaign is now classified as one of the 50 most competitive races in the nation.

Cook describes us to his national readership as having a “strong candidate” and that “this race is definitely worth monitoring.”

‘Charles Djou, a candidate for Congress District 1 for Hawaii, is a Honolulu City Council member and a former GOP state legislator’