Motherhood: The Most Important Job – Part 1

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”Tips for Working Moms and Stay-At-Home Moms”


As a psychologist working with couples and families, I am often asked by mothers and by women who are thinking about having children, for help with the difficult decision of whether to stay at home with the baby or return to work.

Many moms who work fear that being away from their child for hours is detrimental to the child’s well-being. Other moms who stay home often feel stigmatized or criticized for not working.

Here are some ideas for moms in any setting to feel confident about parenting by prioritizing bonding with their infants, especially during the first year, and sharing parenting responsibilities with fathers. When necessary, parents can entrust their child to other responsible adults, such as relatives or professional caregivers.

”The First Year”

Good parenting is about relationships. Infants need food and warmth for physical sustenance and loving relationships to thrive. The first year of life is an essential time for the infant to bond with his or her mother. It would be ideal if the mother could be home for at least her child