Natural Foods Are Not the Ones You Just Naturally Pick Off the Brightly Lit Sign With a Clown at the Local Drive Through

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I always thought that the concept of natural foods and their importance to your health was obvious, but maybe it pays to review the basics.

What is most important to your health? 1) Nerve supply; interfere with that and you have a problem, now! Consult your chiropractor. 2) Air; you are history after several minutes without air. Fortunately, in Hawaii, we are blessed with the best, no thanks to our traffic habits. 3) Water, the most delicious thing on earth when you don’t have it. You can do without one week, tops.


4) By contrast, you can survive weeks to months to years with little or no food. You are thinking, “that has nothing to do with us, since we have ”’plenty of Food.””’ That is exactly the point. Poor food choices like cocaine, don’t kill immediately; but without a doubt, healthy food choices are the most important decisions you can readily control when it comes to your health.

Top Causes of Death in the United States.

Heart Attacks; Strokes (Cardiovascular disease). Perhaps 90 percent preventable with optimum nutrition (and other lifestyle factors).

Cancer; many kinds of cancer are caused by food choices. High fat, high salt, and high chemical additive diets are the specific culprits in a number of cancers. Food and lifestyle choices can reduce cancer 50 percent – 90 percent depending on what research you consult.

Type II Diabetes; regardless of your genetics, almost 100 percent preventable with appropriate (natural) food.

Degenerative Arthritis and a number of other degenerative conditions are highly accelerated by poor nutritional choices, we believe in part due to pro-inflammatory and pro-oxidant affects of unnatural foods as well as their low nutritional content.

The Bible says God provided all types of fruit and seed for nourishment and green plants for medicine (Genesis 1:29). Evolutionist say that we ran through trees eating lots of fruit and nuts, nibbling greens, stealing eggs and chomping whatever small critters we could catch and whack.

Any way you look at it, start with lots of fruits and vegetables. The good news is, you can eat ”’as much as you want.”’ Eat all the fresh, raw fruits and veggies you want and you will actually lose weight; not to mention all those natural anti-oxidant nutrients protecting your body.

Grains and seeds are next. These should be whole grains, not processed, bleached or whatever.

Meat and dairy are last. You simply don’t need much. It wasn’t often that our forebears were able to whack big fatty animals and pig out. They had to chase them down! When was the last time you outran your steak animal? Sedentary people don’t need meat.

If you have the concept of whole, natural foods, sprouting out of the ground, hanging from trees, or running on the hoof, the next question is, how do I eat like that, out of the supermarket or fast junk restaurant? With education, care and discipline, my friend. Natural Food stores have lots of books, including cookbooks, and books that explain how processing food destroys nutrition.

Look at your food. Can you tell what it came from? Just one example, what is a pink bubble drink made from anyway? Nothing I want.

The produce section is your friend. The big barrier for many is food preparation time. You can speed that up with planning and experience. For me, a plate of steamed or stir fried veggies with beans, or brown rice is fast and convenient.

Restaurants are convenient but horrible quality. Some are better and some are trying. Vim