New Avon Book by Hawaii Authors Released on Killing of Dana Ireland-Book is Titled: Murder in Paradise: A Christmas in Hawaii Turns to Tragedy

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Hawaii writers Chris Loos and Rick Castberg just announced their book “Murder in Paradise: A Christmas in Hawaii Turns to Tragedy” has been published by Avon Books in paperback (384 pages – ISBN: 0-06-009346-3) and is now on sale for $7.50.

The book is about a true crime that gripped Hawaii residents for a decade — the murder of Dana Ireland.


In “Murder in Paradise: A Christmas in Hawaii Turns to Tragedy,” authors Chris Loos and Rick Castberg tell the true story of the brutal kidnapping, rape and murder of 23-year-old Dana Ireland, a blue-eyed, blond-haired visitor to the Big Island who set off on a bicycle on Christmas Eve 1991 to invite a friend to dinner.

Three strangers celebrated Christmas a different way. They rammed Dana’s bike with their car, dragged her into it and raced to an isolated spot, where they raped her, beat her and left her to die. Rescuers found her alive but she died soon after.

The tragedy continued for Ireland’s family and the community when the Big Island police seemed unable to catch the killers.

But one man refused to let the senseless crime go unpunished.

From his Virginia home thousands of miles away, John Ireland, Dana’s father, launched his own investigation