News from Hawaii Small Business Owners is Alarming

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As I have worked and trained reps in Hawaii over the past 11 years I have grown to love the islands and their culture. Your state is an oasis of unmatched beauty. Every time I leave I have a sense that part of me is being left behind.

I have made four trips this year. What I am hearing on the street from small business owners is alarming. Never before have I heard more apathy and sensed a spirit of resignation that nothing can be done than now. And from people who ought to know better! Their economic livelihood is being challenged by a gutless Governor who seems to have decided to put in her lot with big business and the union agenda. Unless people stand up and take part they are going to be taken apart!


I participated in the anti-tax rally that Rick Hamada organized. Leading up to that day we were talking to every small business owner who would listen. I was shocked at how few knew what was happening. Even more amazing were the people who didn’t understand or seem to care. I am hoping that Ron Heller’s explanation of the GET was widely read and discussed.

With the soveignty movement making headway through the Akaka bill I want to predict a scenario that will be coming to Hawaii if this legislation is passed: legalized gambling. On the mainland Indian tribes are raking in billions in profits from Las Vegas-style casinos on their sovereign lands. It is a sophisticated and organized effort. I call it “the Indian’s revenge on the white man.” Tribes are not under state law and not required to submit to the same regulations as other businesses. They don’t pay taxes like a normal business. In California, Schwarztenegger cut a deal earlier this year to secure hundreds of millions of their profits in exchange for their right to add more slot machines. A sovereign Hawaiian nation could easily take a page out of the Native American playbook to secure their economic security.

Your article on Admissions Day and political correctness was excellent. Thank you for continuing to expose the story behind the story of what is happening in politics. I enjoy the fresh perspective and passion you bring to the public forum. Keep fighting the good fight.

”’Ken Greek is the Los Angeles Division Manager for the National Federation of Independent Business”’