No More Shivering Pups! Bonterra Solar’s Donation Means Warm Baths for Animals at Hawaiian Humane Society Shelter

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HONOLULU — Bonterra Solar has donated a solar hot water heating system to the Hawaiian Humane Society. The system will provide hot water to make possible warm baths for dogs and to run the society’s pet laundry center and the dishwashers that clean dozens of pet bowls every day.

“We are proud to give back to the Hawaiian Humane Society, a place that provides 24/7 care to animals in need,” said Andrew Yani, Bonterra co-founder and principal. “Bonterra is grateful for the opportunity to help a nonprofit organization dedicated to the welfare of Hawaii’s pet community cut its high energy costs.”


The solar water heating system donated by Bonterra will help the Hawaiian Humane Society save more than $11,000 over 10 years.

“Bonterra Solar’s donation of a hot water system helps to provide a warm bath for our animals, which mean more of the donations we receive can go to the direct care of the 300 animals we have in residence on any given day,” says Lisa Fowler, Hawaiian Humane Society’s director of development. “Utility costs for our animal shelter, veterinary clinic, and adoptions center are always rising and we consume a lot of hot water through the various programs and services we provide.”

Bonterra is a long-time supporter of the Hawaiian Humane Society, including serving as a sponsor for its annual PetWalk and occasional volunteering by its employees to walk dogs being hosted at the facility as part of Bonterra’s “Good Deed Campaign.”

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