No Restraint Against Islamic Totalitarians

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Calls from the Bush administration and European leaders for Israel to
restrain itself against the barbarism of Islamic totalitarians are
acts of moral treason in the war on Western civilization.

Given that the goal of the Islamic totalitarians is to destroy, or
subjugate, all of us in the Western world, Western leaders should be
cheering Israel’s offensive against them, not demanding restraint.


Any attempt to deter Israel from taking further military action,
precisely when it is attempting to obliterate Hezbollah and remove it
as a threat, is an unspeakable act of moral depravity.

If Western civilization is to fall, it will not be because of the
strength of the Islamic totalitarians, but because of acts of moral
weakness and cowardice, such as the calls for restraint we now hear
coming from Washington and many European capitals.

”’David Holcberg is with the Ayn Rand Institute in Irvine, CA”’