North Korea Poses a Threat to All of Its Neighbors

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Alex Epstein’s article was very timely in light of North Korea’s recent missle testing.

Their intent is clear: they wish to have the power to threaten and destroy their neighbors, Japan and South Korea and even the United States and Canada.


Although Mr. Epstein’s comments were directed to Iran and the Middle East, they apply in spades to North Korea.

What is amazing is that many people are reluctant to openly admit this and the obvious threat this country presents.

Sometimes the solutions to our problems are simple and direct.

One solution suggested by Mr. Epstein reminded me of the words of Cato in response to the threat of Carthage to the Roman Empire: “Carthago delenda est! — Carthage must be destroyed!”

In 146, Carthage was destroyed, the walls torn downand ground salted so that nothing would grow. This policy was simple, brutal and direct and it worked. Carthage ceased to a threat to Rome.

North Korea poses a threat to all of its neighbors and even to countries as far away as the United States and Canada.

It was a mistake to allow this country to exist since the 1950s. Ending North Korea’s existence through swift and decisive military action would be a blessing to us and incidently to the slaves of that dictatorship. It would also serve as an example to Iran.

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