Nuclear Threat, Terrorist Acts, Show America Needs a Strong Defense

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missile defense flight test

By Alex Sokolow – Nuclear threats made by North Korea—followed by terrorism in Boston–demonstrate the need for a strong defense. If we let the national debt get to the point where all revenue is consumed by interest payments and entitlements, we will be at the mercy of such nations as North Korea and Iran, (maybe eventually China.)

We will also be more vulnerable to terrorists getting nukes, as we would no longer have the deterrent of being able to trace such weapons to their country of origin. We must write to our elected officials about all this.


We should urge them to stop deficit spending, and adopt budgets that will pay down the national debt and looming entitlement shortages.

It would help if we sell rainforest owners the expertise for harvesting the rainforests much more profitably and sustainably (perhaps for a lease or share, at least for some term.) This is discussed at  (For subsistence farmers, see And the need for firewood can be reduced by working with Solar Cookers International.)


Alex Sokolow is a resident of Santa Monica, CA





  1. We can never be too careful! Sadly, we don't live in a safe world and there is always the danger of being attacked.

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