Obama Justice Department Vendetta Against the CIA Suspected

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When the best-selling author of political-thriller novels, Vince Flynn (Act of Treason, Consent to Kill), appeared on Fox News Channel’s Glenn Beck Show last Friday, he blasted Attorney General Eric Holder.

Flynn flatly stated that he suspected Holder’s reason for trying murderous terrorists in a civilian court in New York City is that it would give Holder an opportunity to continue his vendetta against agents from Central Intelligence Agency. Flynn believes Holder will use the trials to embarrass — perhaps even prosecute — the CIA agents who faithfully protected Americans from the likes of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.


Flynn, who boasts of his numerous friendships with the men and women serving in US intelligence and law enforcement agencies, statement just might have hit the nail right on the head.

Last Summer, the Obama White House announced that the CIA will no longer interrogate suspected terrorists. Any and all interrogations will be conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation under the direct supervision of a member of the Obama Administration, although no one has been named “Interrogation Czar.”

The move was part of Attorney General Eric Holder’s intention to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the CIA agents involved in interrogations already investigated by the CIA’s Inspector General’s Office. Holder’s critics have pointed out that his law firm represented several terrorists who were tried by the U.S.

Groups such as Amnesty International, Code Pick and others are applauding Attorney General Holder’s decision to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate cases brought to the Department of Justice against members of the Central Intelligence Agency.

The premise of this questionable investigation is the allegations of misconduct by interrogators who questioned suspected terrorist leaders and their foot soldiers.

According to the CIA’s inspector general’s report, during Bush-era interrogations of suspects, CIA agents carried out mock executions