Obamacare insurance marketplace has plenty of kinks on first day

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By Johnny Kampis | Watchdog.org

You’ll be able to sign up for Obamacare — eventually.


Visitors to the national insurance marketplace hub Tuesday morning on the first day of operation found that the website was decidedly not operational.

An attempt to visit state-specific pages led to wait or error messages. We attempted to participate in live chat with an operator to find out how long the delay might last, but that function also doesn’t work yet.

It’s not clear whether heavy traffic to the website or the partial government shutdown is more to blame, but we do know that those who want to explore their options still have plenty of time. A handy notice at the bottom of each page lets visitors know they still have 181 days to enroll.

MSNBC attempted to provide an on-air demonstration Tuesday, but was forced to abandon the effort due to the numerous glitches and telephone hold times.



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  1. really it is a good achievement by insurance companies through honorable Obama. These type of insurance is always helpful for us and give us future security. Now everyone conscious about this and go for it as it is very useful. We can choose the insurance policy or scheme according to our own choice.

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