Office of Elections Announces 2014 Political Party Ballot Position Drawing

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Voters wait in line at Holy Trinity to vote on election day 2012

HONOLULU – The Hawaii State Office of Elections announced today the order of the political parties that will appear on voters’ primary election ballot.

The positions of the state’s five political party ballots – and a sixth nonpartisan ballot – will appear as follows on the 2014 primary ballot:


Libertarian, Independent, Republican, Green, Nonpartisan, and Democratic.

By state law, the order in which the parties appear on the ballot is determined by random drawing.

The Primary Election is on Saturday, August 9, 2014.

Hawaii’s single party primary presents voters with all party ballots, from which voters are able to select one party and vote for that one party’s slate of candidates.  For more information on voting, go to
Submitted by the Office of Elections