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Roger's Super-Stoc
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by Rob Kay and RN Price

Roger’s Super-Stoc–a finger on the Quick release lever easily disengages cam lock (at right) so that you can adjust the length

The Rogers Super-Stoc may not be as well known as Magpul or some of the other brands on the market but that shouldn’t stop you from giving it consideration if you’re looking for an aftermarket product.


Bill Rogers, its inventor is a former FBI Agent, police instructor, and a world ranked IPSC shooter. In addition, he’s also been an innovator and equipment designer of note. The creator of the first “Kydex” and “Security” holsters, his gear is used by police and military customers worldwide.

He’s also the founder of Rogers Shooting School.


The “official” name of the product is Rogers Super-Stoc™.  It’s strong, lightweight (7.3 oz) and sports a patented “Cam-Lock” system that is designed to remove play which is all too often found on collapsible stocks. It has  a removable recoil pad, sling loop, quick detach swivel sling mount and quick release lever, which unlocks the Cam-Lock and indexing pin with one motion.

One of the more interesting innovations is that this will fit both milspec and commercial buffer tubes.  (You’d think other manufacturers might have figured this one out. But you’d be wrong,)

Rogers has hit upon a product that occupies a sweet spot in the buttstock spectrum. It’s a quality offering that’s going to appeal to competitive shooters and range rats while occupying an affordable niche in the $65-75 range.

It’s also got street cred.

A version of Rogers Super-Stoc has been adopted by Colt and comes standard issue on select Colt AR and M4 rifles sold into the domestic commercial and law enforcement markets. For example, we noted it also comes stock with some of the Wilson Combat series rifles. 

The version found on the Colt is only available to OEMs–not to the public. From my conversations with Rogers’ associates, the OEM model is nearly identical to the civilian version. The main difference is that the formula of the polymers varies slightly but not enough to matter to the civilian operator.

First impressions:

Pad is removable and an ergonomic fit for the shoulder

When we first took the stock out of the box, the first word to jump into our minds was “ minimalist”. It reminded one of us of a fish skeleton. Not an ounce of fat on this baby. It’s reminiscent of the Magpul MOE but this is a much higher quality item.

What I liked best was the tight fit on the buffer tube. Even if the Cam-Lock is not cinched down, it’s tight. When it’s in locked mode, it ain’t goin’ anywhere.

The “Cam-Lock” on the Super Stock harks back to the CTR design, which also has a front locking lever. However, the Super-Stoc is different and in our opinion, better.

While both models share similar looking components, they function very differently. The CTR utilizes a front locking lever that secures the quick release lever. However the Super-Stoc’s front cam-lock lever serves as an additional point of contact to lock down the stock to the rifle, making the connection even stronger.

We also liked the Cam-Lock lever’s ambidextrous capabilities. It comes stock on the right hand side but, if you want to reverse sides, it’s easy to swap out.

It’s also durable.

The  Mapgul CTR (top) and the Super-Stoc (bottom) share similar design but components function differently

In a Military Times article, called a “Buttstock Bashfest” thirteen products from

Magpul, Troy, Vltor, etc, were drop-tested. The Roger’s Super Stoc did very well, especially considering it went head to head with much higher priced items. It was also very easy to install.

We happened to have a milspec tube so all we did was add a little soapy water to the buffer tube, pulled up the two release pins on either side of the stock and it slid right on.

A commercial tube takes a bit more tweaking but you can use the same stock. All you need is a screw driver to get the job done.

What about fit?

The “Super-Stoc” has a thin (removable) rubber butt plate that fits the shoulder snugly. It’s comfortable when the gun is in action on the bench or off-hand.


This is a very well-engineered product. If it weren’t, Colt would not have adopted it.

The Rogers Super Stoc doesn’t have the bells and whistles of the much higher priced buttstocks. There are no storage compartments but most shooters don’t really need that. (Whether you use it or not, you’re paying for it).As the Military Times article suggested, it’s very strong. We would add, it’s sized right, light, comfortable to shoot and solid.

Is it a teeny bit loose on the buffer tube? Simply tighten ‘er up. Can’t do that with any other buttstock.

It’s the one you would want if you had to carry an M4 out in the boonies and were concerned about paring dead weight off the carbine in favor of more water and ammunition.

You won’t go wrong with this stock.

All photos by On-Target Hawaii Staff. Diagram courtesy of Bill Rogers.

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