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Anyone for tennis? Trojan Horse Long Gun Case from Houston-based Comp-Tac gives "concealed carry" a new meaning.
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Anyone for tennis? Trojan Horse Long Gun Case from Houston-based Comp-Tac gives “concealed carry” a new meaning.

by Rob Kay

I first caught wind of the trend in covert gun cases from an email exchange with Greg Duncan, the PR rep from Blackhawk. The whole idea intrigued me. The more research I did, the more I realized, there are a number of manufacturers who make everything from faux guitar cases to gym bags designed to covertly transport rifles, handguns and other paraphernalia. (Blackhawk has a whole series of these items which it describes as “Diversion” series).


Of course hiding firearms in “discreet” cases is nothing terribly new or original. If you’re of a certain age and grew up watching Edward G. Robinson or Jimmy Cagney movies on TV, you couldn’t miss the classic image of the gangster transporting his Thompson sub-machine gun in a violin case.

Here in Hawaii we are often discreet about our firearms and a good case (no pun intended) can be made for transporting your guns in nondescript packaging. Let’s face it, there are more than enough folks who would not be enthused to see their neighbor carrying what might be construed a rifle down the street.

Seeing a rifle case in the back of an automobile would also invite unwanted attention.

Any AR type rifle with a collapsible buttstock will fit. The case is solidly made and has enough velcro to make anyone happy. Calling it a “long rifle case” though is a bit of a stretch.

Suffice it to say the State of Hawaii is pretty strict about when and where you can transport your guns. That said, Costco in Hawaii Kai is quite near the range. Although I could have a vivid imagination, from time to time I have seen familiar looking cars and trucks (that may have just visited Kokohead) parked in the Costco lot just after the range has closed.

Bit I digress.

When we were given the opportunity to review the “Trojan Horse Long Gun Case” from Houston-based Comp-Tac, we jumped at the chance. Comp-Tac specializes in manufacturing holsters and, from everything I’ve read, they do a fine job. The Trojan Horse Gun Case appears to be one of their first forays outside of the holster, belt, and pouch department. They have done an excellent job with it too. You can watch the founder, Greg Garrett demonstrate its use here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSmaROIdQjM.

With a racy white stripe running diagonally across it’s face, it looks very convincingly like some innocuous item that you might have picked up on sale down at the mall.

Talk about deception. Upon closer inspection this is not your sister’s racket case. It’s built like a brick #$%@ house.

It’s manufactured with high strength, coated polyester and the sides of the case are quite rigid—not what you’d expect from a “real” tennis racket case. It also has a heavy duty zipper and is extensively padded. There are also a couple of pockets on the interior with zippers to seal them. You could place documentation or possibly smaller items or documentation. but not much else.

Blackhawk is one of many other manufacturers with a line of “covert” gun cases. Above is an example of their “Diversion” series.

There’s also a heavy duty, padded carrying strap—much sturdier than something built for tennis racquets. Although it’s officially called a “Long Gun” case—that’s a misnomer.

At 36″ long, 15″ wide and 4″ deep pretty much the dimensions that you’d expect of a case that could handle a couple of rackets. (It won’t be confused with a long gun drag bag).

It’s best suited for AR 15s. I tried stuffing my 20” barreled Win 30-30 in there and there simply wasn’t room.

We did pack a 16.5″ Scar 16 with the buttstock in fighting mode and it just fit. Comp-Tac says any AR with a collapsible buttstock will work with this bag.

Overall I think the Trojan Horse is pretty cool and would recommend it. Price is $110 on Amazon.

It’s sturdy and if you had the inclination you could take it for a stroll through Kapiolani park towards the tennis courts (with your tennis rackets in there of course) without raising an eyebrow.

I didn’t have a chance to eyeball the goods from Blackhawk but based on a past review of their Tactical Long Gun Drag Bag, they are also a safe bet to be quality products as well.

Photos courtesy of On Target staff with the exception of bottom photo, from Blackhawk.

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