Opening Day Remarks 2004 – Senate Minority Leader

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Gov. Linda Lingle, Lt. Gov. Aiona, Senate President Bunda, Chief Justice Moon, distinguished guests, colleagues and, most importantly, the people of Hawaii: Today, let us remember the men and women who are making huge sacrifices for the security of our great nation. The War against Terrorism has taken family members, friends, neighbors and coworkers to hostile regions. As we embark on the opening of this new legislative session, let us honor them and recognize their sacrifices. We must never take these defenders of our freedom for granted.


Mr. President, I remember back in the eighties when we were young legislators in the House of Representatives. As I look around the Senate chamber, I see some familiar faces now of those who served with us in the House back then. While some things have changed, some have remained the same. You and I look a bit older and have lost a little of our hair, but curiously, the good Senator from Moanalua has not changed at all. Another thing that ”’has not changed”’ is that we are ”’still”’ debating education reform, the economy, and the high cost of living and doing business in Hawaii. Mr. President, making some critical changes in how the state conducts business must be done ”’now.”’ Now is not the time for more studies, task forces on commission