Opposing the Native Hawaiian Recognition Bill

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The Hawaii civil rights group Aloha For All has created an online petition for people wanting to oppose the Native Hawaiian Recognition bill.

That bill in Congress would recognize all people with a drop of ethnic Hawaiian ancestry as being an Indian tribe.


The purpose is to allow that racial minority to set up a government just for itself, and to protect over 160 racial entitlement programs now operating in Hawaii.

Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians oppose this legislation, because it would carve up Hawaii along racial lines.

We want to preserve our beautiful rainbow and not rip it apart. We oppose racial separatism and ethnic nationalism. The petition can be read and signed at https://www.petitiononline.com/Aloha4HI/petition.html

Gov. Lingle will be going to Washington D.C. around Feb. 19 to lobby Congress and the Bush administration to support this bill. She will try to say the bill is not about race, but rather is about self-determination for indigenous people, and to make right some historical wrongs.

That’s nonsense. For an analysis of this point, see https://www.angelfire.com/hi2/hawaiiansovereignty/AkakaRaceNotNation.html

Extensive analysis of the Akaka bill, plus the issue of ceded land revenues for OHA and Hawaiian sovereignty in general, can be found at https://www.angelfire.com/hi2/hawaiiansovereignty

”’Kenneth R. Conklin, Ph.D. is the president and executive director of the Center for Hawaiian Sovereignty Studies. He can be reached at Tel/Fax (808) 247-7942, or by email at:”’ mailto:Ken_Conklin@yahoo.com ”’More information on his organization at:”’ https://www.angelfire.com/hi2/hawaiiansovereignty