Outcome of Hawaii’s Same Sex Marriage Debate Will Impact Hawaii for Generations to Come

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Aloha Fellow Republicans and Conservatives:

Hawaii faces many serious problems resulting from 50 years of misguided, harmful Democrat governance.  The Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) is committed to uniting conservatives and educating the public in order to help voters understand the desperate need to change course.


Presently, liberal activists throughout Hawaii’s Democratic Party have been rapidly advancing their radical and dangerous agenda known as same-sex “marriage” or SSM; an agenda which states “in their own words” their goals of completely decimating traditional marriage and families.

See the agenda here: (https://hira.hawaiideservesbetter.com/pdfs/In-Their-Own-Words.pdf).

To hear activists discussing their closely-guarded long-term plans to eliminate marriage, take a listen to this: (https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/homosexual-activist-says-gay-marriage-isnt-about-equality-its-about-destroy/).

YOUR involvement at this juncture is critical if there is any hope of being successful in derailing the liberal Democrat “anything goes” social agenda — an agenda which ignores the horrifying statistics and fully documented failures over the past several decades; painful, costly failures ranging from: no-fault divorce, two-income latchkey households, cohabitation, marginalization of fathers, mocking of stay-at-home mothers, the sexual revolution and widespread single parent households.

In the link below are the legislators whom Hawaii conservatives like you MUST reach out to, now and in the days ahead if we are to defeat SSM and the damage it will inflict upon our society.

If you do not live in their district, please find friends and relatives who do and encourage them to speak out.

Please open this link: (https://hira.hawaiideservesbetter.com/pdfs/NoSSM.pdf) and download your copy so you can use the included contact information to make your feelings known, and pass it on.

As the booklet clearly states: Once same-sex marriage is legalized, there is no logical stopping point.  That’s why HIRA is taking this issue so very seriously and handling it with such urgency. Hawaii Democrats are deliberately setting the stage for activist lawsuits and liberal judges to do the rest of the damage to society in order to seek legitimacy for their “anything goes” radical social agenda . . . a dangerous agenda which simultaneously seeks to denigrate and mock traditional families and traditional marriage . . . and it’s an agenda no legal exemption will be able to protect.HIRA is also pleased to distribute “Ten Persuasive Answers to the Question . . . ‘Why not gay marriage?'” See link here: (https://hira.hawaiideservesbetter.com/pdfs/whynot.pdf).

This booklet, prepared by Focus on the Family and distributed by First Assembly of God church, fully anticipates and counters every argument you’ve heard in favor of SSM with solid reasoning and research.  Arm yourself for the campaign at hand by taking 15 minutes to read the powerful logic contained within.

Thank you in advance for making time to fully understand this issue and convey your heartfelt, reasoned sentiments to lawmakers.  Please clearly tell them “no” to their special session and “no” to same sex ‘marriage’.
Tito Montes is the President of the Hawaii Republican Assembly






  1. I never thought the republican party would stoop so low as to throw their OWN Gay children, grand children, and great grandchildren under the bus! Yes, the outcome of granting same sex marriages in Hawaii, will have an impact. A POSITIVE ONE. It will create a united Hawaii, where we ALL work together, both Gay and straight to find solutions to our homeless, jobless, and hungry. Stop using "discrimination against Gays" as a platform to get votes.

    The people of Hawaii know that their Gay children were BORN GAY. Created by God that way for God's reasons. Why wouldn't they want to give them the best future they can. The Republican Party is creating, fear, hate, discrimination, condemnation, and crucifixion against local LGBT kids, their family and friends. What one sows, so shall they reap.

  2. "This booklet, prepared by Focus on the Family"

    Thank you kindly for passing along propaganda from a known hate group.

  3. This has to be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read. Thank you, Republicans. You cease to amaze me with your radical, irrational views. When Same Sex Marriage is legalized in the great state of Hawaii, think of me, because I will be laughing at yet ANOTHER one of your failures. My question to you is – Why don't you just give up?


    A Loving, Gay Democrat

  4. i think that both the pro and anti same sex marriage groups are making a serious mistake by getting government and politicians involved with this issue.the state will respond and the politicians will do damage to our personal liberties.all of us.gays and straights should consider getting the state out of the marriage business and give all control to the individuals getting married.that will mean giving up certain entitlements.shall price to pay for wanting to marry who you want to.

  5. I'm done with special interest groups coming here, to our islands. Camping out on our streets, putting our Queen in prison, dividing our families, telling us how we should live because that is how other states live. moving homeless to Hawaii.

    The people of Hawaii have already spoken about this before. We don't want it. More people come here with their agendas and stir up the "melting pot" to again, to divide the people.

    It's exactly what was done to native Americans. Take away their life, culture, lands, and voice. put them on a resevation/Kaulapapa until we want a luau. HOWEVER, "the life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness" The people of this land will stand up and fight for what has always been, and will always be. It goes back to our King and Queen who fought courageously for what was right. and they faced "haters" back then too. If you don't like it here, there's 49 others states for you to live.

    • On the agenda topic, what's also important is what IS NOT stated.
      Unless I missed any news, the Rainbow coalition, The Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest gay rights organization, & other LGBT organizations have NEVER condemned sexual abuses on children.

      In fact there is a Men loving boys organization.

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