Palin, Conservatism, And The Disconnected GOP

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For nearly two decades now, and particularly in the wake of the 2000
presidential election debacle, Democrats have been pursuing a diabolically
simple political strategy. In short, they moved hard-left, knowing how
reflexively the “mainstream” Republican response would be to follow them.
But of course the GOP would pathetically claim that, by doing so to a lesser
degree than the Democrats, it would somehow retain the mantle of

Thus the GOP could continue in its delusions of relevancy, while clearly
abdicating any real qualities of leadership. Simultaneously, it would be
helping implement the liberal agenda that in reality was orchestrated to
empower the Democrats. Meanwhile, the disillusionment among the base of
Republican voters would eventually cause a political collapse of the party.


By 2009, it has become undeniable that the plan ultimately worked, although
some unexpected events along the way delayed, for a time, the Democrat
effort to seize total control of the United States Government. The terrorist
attacks of September 11, 2001 briefly shook the nation from a former
complacency that had enabled the wayward and corrupt Presidency of Bill

President Bush, having embarked on that misbegotten “new tone” effort at
finding “middle ground” with the left during his first eight months in
office, was suddenly confronted with the reality of the Islamist threat, and
had to redefine himself and his presidency as one committed to the
reestablishment of a safe and secure American homeland.

The public focus on this aspect of his agenda proved to be a saving grace,
circumventing the landslide of Republican losses in the 2002 mid-term
congressional elections that inarguably would have ensued, had the Bush
White House and Republican Congress been characterized solely by his
contemptible pandering to the left, the resultant increase in the size and
scope of government, and the inevitable bloating of the national budget that

Nevertheless, the tides of public cynicism eventually caught up with Bush
and the Republican Congress. In 2006, America thoroughly repudiated the
direction in which these GOP “moderates” had taken it, giving control of
both the House and Senate to the Democrats.

Failing to discern the message sent by the electorate in the starkest of
terms, the unrepentant GOP continued on its disastrous course. In 2008, with
the prospect of archliberal “Republican” President John McCain further
sabotaging the conservative movement from within, frustrated and disgusted
voters bolted, allowing Barack Obama to assume the nation’s helm by default.

Yet a close examination of the subtleties of the McCain political debacle
reveals the truth of what heartland America was expressing during the past
two major elections, and what the GOP needs to acknowledge if it is to turn
the political tide back on the left. So far however, it does not seem to be
getting the message.

John McCain lagged badly in the 2008 pre-election polls, except for the
brief period after he had chosen Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running
mate. And had the McCain campaign spotlighted her bold and distinctly
non-erudite ways, instead of becoming embarrassed by her and attempting to
minimize her prominence in his campaign, the outcome of that race might have
been entirely different.

Since that time, with the Republican Party in a shambles, Palin and
grassroots conservatism have clearly undergone a renaissance. Yet among the
Republican “elites” this reality has not yet been comprehended. The mood
among conservative Americans is one of outrage and frustration at the status
quo, generating an incredible energy and commitment to do something about

It is crucial to understand that this groundswell is not about cult
followings and personalities, and by her own words, Sarah Palin knows this
to be true. Admittedly, the prospect of her appearance at any rally can
guarantee an enthusiastic crowd of thousands. But ultimately, such
gatherings are not about her. On numerous occasions, far larger crowds have
assembled across the nation at “Tea Parties,” and other protests, without
any such notable figure on hand as a draw.

Likewise, the sales of her newly released book “Going Rogue” are
astronomical. But contrary to the deluge of liberal media distortions which
falsely depict a public intrigue over the “He said/She said” squabbles
within the McCain/Palin campaign, readers are far more interested in the
principles Sarah Palin espouses and courageously represents.

Americans have come to the grim realization that their country and its
government is being wrested from them, and they instinctively understand
that it is up to them to get it back. Otherwise, the greatness of freedom
and prosperity that they once knew will be lost forever.

This is the message that is motivating real America, and that resulted in
the recent stunning Republican victories in Virginia and New Jersey, as well
as the incredibly strong showing of Conservative Party candidate Doug
Hoffman in New York District Twenty Three. Still, it appears that within
Republican Party circles, the disastrous plan is to continue “business as

In the upcoming Illinois Senate race, as well as the Kansas District 4
Congressional race, “moderate” (read: liberal) candidates are being
preselected and anointed by the Republican Party leadership, thereby
virtually guaranteeing a repeat of New York District 23, which ultimately
fell to Democrat Bill Owens. No doubt, this preposterous “scheme” is being
pursued elsewhere.

America is not, and will never be, inspired and motivated by a GOP strategy
of diluted liberalism, especially when the full strength version is
available right across the aisle. If the Republican movers and shakers can
muster the courage to field and support truly conservative candidates,
America will rally to them. It would be a tragedy if they once again
“fumble” at such an opportune moment.

‘Christopher G. Adamo has been active in Wyoming politics for many years and is a managing partner in Best American Buy (, an e-commerce business that markets American made products including the incomparable Abigail Adams Bedspread Set from Bates Mills. Contact information for Chris Adamo, and his archives, can be found at’