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A group of concerned Americans has formed the Mandate Amendment Coalition, whose goal is to enact an amendment to the United States Constitution. This amendment would make it illegal for Congress to pass any law mandating the purchase of products or services from a private entity.

The group, which has been in existence since the Roberts decision was rendered, believes that this Supreme Court ruling has set a dangerous precedent that opens the door for Congress to mandate that American citizens purchase any product or service from a private company by simply taxing excessively any other option, including the choice to not purchase. As with any tax, there are penalties if not paid, or in this case, goods or services are not purchased – these penalties then serve to force citizens to purchase them.


The Amendment reads:

“Congress shall make no law mandating the purchase of a product or services from a private entity.”

John Niewicki, co-founder and spokesman for the group says, “We believe that this precedent set by the Supreme Court, Congress, and our President is immoral and extremely disastrous.  Without an amendment to our Constitution to stop this, the Federal government, and the corporations which fund them, will be able to impose their will upon citizenry simply by majority vote.”

While seemingly an uphill battle, the group believes this amendment will pass, as it appeals to all groups equally, regardless of political affiliation. Those who truly and honestly abhor big business should recognize this Amendment as a means of securing a wall between corporations and their ability to influence politicians into promoting their goods and services.

For those who oppose big government, support for the Mandate Amendment is self-evident. It unarguably guts the most egregious parts of the Roberts’ decision regarding the Obamacare mandate. The leaders of the Mandate Amendment Coalitions believe this interpretation of government power demonstrates how big and unmanageable our government has grown. The government’s decision to take control of and manage something this large is unprecedented, which is why it is important to work on this amendment now, before more pieces of the ACA, or other mandates, become entrenched in our laws and our lives. The time to act is now  – before it is too late.

The group has established coalitions from coast to coast including Hawaii, California, and Massachusetts.  Its goal is to establish chapters in all fifty states.

The Mandate Amendment Coalition’s vision is to restore the fundamental right of every American to be free from government interference in being forced, via mandate, to purchase goods and services from private institutions. The coalition was formed to reverse the corrosive effects of the Robert’ ruling, which grants Congress the right to tax citizens into buying the products and services of a private companies. The coalition believes this precedent, taken through its logical progression in light of how power such as this has been abused in the past, is a serious threat to the individual liberties of all citizens and future generations. This new government power clearly goes against core American principles and opens the door for politicians and corporations to combine their powers and impose their will upon the American public.

The Mandate Amendment Coalition is a group of concerned citizens from all walks of life and from across the political spectrum, who have put their individual politics aside in the interest of stopping this egregious attack on the founding principles of our nation.

“While we realize we have a fight ahead of us, we believe this Amendment is important for our children and grandchildren if they are to live in a country where they can have the same opportunities as we do today,” said Niewicki.








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