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BY CHARLES MEMMINGER – Aloha all, I’m stoked to announce that one of the best known TV personalities in the … ah … well … world – Pat Sajak – has written a cover blurb for my novel “Aloha, Lady Blue.” It’s an honor to have such a entertainment icon on the “Aloha, Lady Blue” team. Needless to say, my handlers at St. Martins Press are crazy happy about this. My great thanks to Hawaii KHON-TV News Anchor Joe Moore for introducing me to Mr. Sajak.  Joe and Pat served together in Vietnam. When Joe’s not busy being Hawaii’s best known news anchor and Pat isn’t spinning the “Wheel of Fortune,” the pair dabble in acting. They recently appeared together as “The Odd Couple” in a run at the Connecticut Repertory Theatre.

We’ve been lucky enough to get blurbs of support from some incredible people, including Kinky Friedman (who has a new book out now with Billy Bob Thornton), Andre and Maria Jacquemetton, executive producers and head writers of the Emmy-winning TV show “Mad Men,” Frank South, producer and head writer of “Baywatch Hawaii,” noted futurist and author David Houle, and others. As a little (metaphysically speaking, not physically) unknown writer way out here in Hawaii, it’s humbling to get this kind of support. (We have blurb commitments from some other amazing nationally-known authors and hope to be able to announce them soon.)


Here’s part of Pat Sajak’s blurb:

“Hawaii just might be my favorite place on Earth. Every time I think I’ve seen it all, I find something else new and exotic. In his extraordinary first novel, Aloha, Lady Blue, longtime Island crime reporter and humorist, Charles Memminger, shows an odd and quirky side to his state that even frequent tourists such as me rarely get to see. The novel’s hero, Stryker McBride, provides a funny and engaging narration to a dark and compelling mystery. Aloha, Lady Blue is a great read for anyone who lives in Hawaii, visits Hawaii, or even dreams of going to Hawaii. Oh, what the heck, it’s for anyone who loves a crackling good story. Mahalo, Charles!

As many of you know, “Aloha, Lady Blue” (initially entitled “Kahala Road”) is a light, tropical thriller and something of an homage to the celebrated John D. MacDonald “Travis McGee” series. The two-book deal with St. Martin’s Press includes a sequel that I’m working on now, currently entitled “A Deadly Kona-Colored Wind.”

Thanks for all your support and encouragement and mahalo to my agent Richard Pine at Inkwell Management and Marcia Markland, senior editor at Thomas Dunne Books and St. Martin’s Press.

“Aloha, Lady Blue” is due to be released on Jan. 8, 2013 (It’s already listed for pre-sale on and other Internet book sites.) For more background, here’s a link.





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