Paulette Kaleikini Proves You Can Beat City Hall

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BY HONOLULU CITY COUNCIL MEMBER TOM BERG – Who ever coined the phrase – “You can’t beat City Hall?” Well, tell that person you can.

We are so proud of Paulette Kaleikini – the woman from Nanakuli who with class, precision, and patience, brought some justice to this runaway train gone bad. She succeeded in making certain the law is followed when it comes to iwi burials and called out the City for being in noncompliance.


I am presenting Paulette Kaleikini with the Honorary Certificate at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, October 3, at Honolulu Hale. Please consider joining us and honoring her on this special occasion. If you cannot make it- you can watch it live on Olelo television.

The certificate is missing two signatures- Councilmembers Harimoto and Chang have declined to sign it . . . see the certificate pasted below:






  1. Paulette and CM Berg are HEROS in the eyes of OAHU IWI. In City Council, without CM Berg we have no voice.

    We are all keeping up the fight, no matter how small a voice. Awesome presentation at City Hall today 10-3-2012. Brought tears to our eyes.

    thankyou Debbie

  2. Are you kidding me?

    If you are honoring her for that than you need to dish out more awards. Let's list all the projects she's taken to court shall we:

    Walmart/Sam's Club (Keeaumoku St.)
    General Growth Properties (Ward Village)
    Kawaiahao Church (Multi-Purpose Room)
    Kakaako Whole Foods

    This woman is making a career out of this. She is not the only HAWAIIAN that has fought for these rights, where are their certificates.

  3. Paying Respects
    Hawaiians are embracing Chicago-based Fifield Cos. with a warm aloha after the multifamily developer altered its design plans for the 300-unit Allure Waikiki luxury condo tower to preserve two “iwi” native burial grounds unearthed during construction. Working with the Oahu Island Burial Council, Fifield will incorporate one iwi into a park with native Hawaiian plants and a waterfall, while the other will be encased in the parking garage, where preservation efforts included redesigning the pillar support matrix. Paulette Kaleikini, whose family once lived at the site, told the Honolulu Star Bulletin that Fifield is “the first developer I know of that did something like that,” adding that she hopes other real estate companies follow Fifield's respectful ways. —C.W.

    So as long as the project works with Paulette she'll approve of construction. I mean she allowed one set of IWI to be encased in the parking garage.

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