Paws-itively Amazing

A few of Hawaii's famous pets as a reminder that you don’t have to be human to go viral.

Credit: Lanai Cat Sanctuary
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Not only are these animals recognized for their special talents and adorable nature, they all share a faithful and affectionate relationship with their owners. And the same definitely can’t be said for most human celebrities. Stories like these remind us that having a pet is a truly special and memorable experience, whether or not your pet gets more likes on Instagram than you do. However, you never know when your dog or cat or bird will be the next hottest trend.

It’s almost impossible to list just a single surfing dog in Hawai‘i because we make an effort to honor all of them. Duke’s OceanFest held the second annual Going to the Dogs Surfur Competition this past August in Waikiki. Fifteen four-legged surfers of all sizes, ranging from a toy Pomeranian to a huge mastiff, joined in on the fun.

Kama the Surfing Pig – Facebook

Kama da Surfing Pig, @kamathesurfingpig

You thought the only animal who could surf besides a human was a dog? This pig went viral after shredding waves on a standup paddle board. He is sponsored by multiple companies including GoPro and Bomber Eyewear. Kama stumbled upon his owner in the Bellows AFB campsite, and their growing, unstoppable friendship carried them from the sand to the surf.

Hokulani the Pomeranian

Commonly seen rocking reflective shades, Hawaiian dresses, and even haku lei, local celebrities and magazines line up to get their pictures with this stylish dog. Appropriately, the name “Hokulani” is translated from Hawaiian to mean “heavenly star.” Hokulani was born in 2003 and enjoys squeaky toys, long walks on Kailua Beach, and catching those cool trade winds during car rides.

Lava the Cat, @ohmylava

While most cats prefer to lounge around the house, Lava, who was adopted from the Humane Society, earned the nickname “The Adventure Cat” for her unusual outdoor escapades. From braving streams (that’s right, walking through moving water) to chilling on the sand at the beach, this cat seriously lava-s nature. Oh, and she wears a leash during her walks. Doesn’t shi shi on fire hydrants though.

Zoe and Brody the Corgis, @corgibutties

These naturally photogenic Corgi siblings are steadily growing famous on Instagram at almost 11,000 followers. These two best friends’ adorable round butts and smiling faces are the highlights of their social media feed. Zoe and Brody appeal as the ideal dynamic duo and are always adventuring together, from da windward to da leeward side, whether they’re learning to swim or sunbathing on the lanai.

Spot and Lily

Two beloved pets of one of the creators of 808 Viral, Daniela Stolfi-Tow aka Dani Girl, are both individuals who have gone viral for their own special reasons. This beautiful golden retriever and mischievous stray Waimanalo barn cat are the stars of the YouTube channel Dani & Friends. Lily the dog is most popularly known for her reaction to her cancer results, which amassed a whopping 500 million views across multiple pages and platforms. Stolfi was informed Lily had Hemangiosarcoma, a highly malignant cancer. After getting the test results back, Stolfi broke the news to Lily in real time, that she in fact did not have cancer! The reaction was priceless! Spot the cat is famous for making trouble and acting all funny kine around the house, from lying spread-eagle in stolen dog beds to overdosing on catnip. He has been on everything from Animal Planet to Good Morning America. Seriously, brah.

Lanai Cat Sanctuary, @lanaicatsanctuary

On the island of Lana‘i, there’s a beautiful 25,000-square-foot shelter that is home to nearly 500 stray cats who now have food, medical care and love, for life. It is literally a Disneyland for cat lovers! Cats are rescued from protected areas where native and endangered ground-nesting birds such as the ‘Ua’u, the Hawaiian Petrel. What was once dry brushland is now a lush, 3.5 acre purradise often referred to as Fur Seasons.




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