PBS Hawaii Premieres America Revealed: New Series Explores National Systems

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SUBMITTED BY PBS HAWAII – AMERICA REVEALED, a new PBS series exploring the systems that make America run, premieres Wednesday, April 11 at 10 pm on PBS Hawaii. The four-part series looks at the intricate systems and processes involved in food production, transportation, energy and manufactured goods. Taking reporter involvement to a new level is host Yul Kwon, a technology expert, communications attorney and 2005 winner of the Survivor: Cook Islands television series. Kwon, who is afraid of heights, finds himself jumping out of airplanes, rappelling down the side of a wind turbine and perched atop multi-story grain silos to give viewers a better perspective of the massive systems featured in the programs, as scheduled:

  • AMERICA REVEALED: Food Machine – April 11

Host Yul Kwon find out how the world’s most productive food machine feeds nearly 300 million Americans every day, meeting everyone from industrial to urban farmers, crop dusting pilots to long distance bee truckers, modern day cowboys to the pizza deliveryman.

  • AMERICA REVEALED: Nation on the Move – April 18

The country’s 200,000 miles of railroads, 5,000 airports and four million miles of roads form massive, complex transportation systems that make Americans the most mobile people on earth. Host Yul Kwon visits a Federal Aviation Administration command center, meets with innovators creating transportation models for the future, then goes to Las Vegas to see a revolutionary use of a most basic tool, the traffic light.

  • AMERICA REVEALED: Electric Nation – April 25

Our nation’s electric power grid delivers electricity over 200,000 miles of high-tension transmission lines. As a power blackout in New York cuts power to 40 million people, host Yul Kwon joins a live wire repair team doing their work from the side of a helicopter in flight. He also visits the country’s largest coal mine, takes a rare tour of a nuclear plant and travels on an oil tanker.

  • AMERICA REVEALED: Made in the USA – May 2

Contrary to popular opinion, America is actually the number one manufacturing nation on earth. Host Yul Kwon finds out about the world’s most iconic products by meeting their makers: auto industry engineers, steelworkers and microchip designers. Yul discovers how manufacturing itself is changing from a system based on assembling raw materials to a system where ideas and information are the raw materials forming a new economy.

To watch a video clip about the making of AMERICA REVEALED, please go to: https://video.pbs.org/video/2192352603

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